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02nd Oct 2016

This flashmob of a Riverdancing GAA team at a wedding will brighten up your day

It's brilliant...

Rebecca Keane

Flashmobs are the future.

When it comes to weddings, it can be tiring sitting through speech after speech, especially if you’re single or even worse, your glass is empty.

You’re dying to see the newlyweds have their first dance so you can leap on the floor and act the gobshite with your friends and family, or even teammates from your football team.

One couple who got married recently were Chloe and Kenny, who were surprised with an incredible flash mob at their wedding. The flash mob consisted of the Mothers and Others gaelic team that Chloe is a part of.

Shannen Creagh told us the inspiration behind the troupe of dancing ladies.

“We spent the last two months practicing and coming up with a dance on the sly, that we were going to do at her wedding reception, it consisted of us wearing our team jerseys, shorts and socks and we danced into match of the day, Uptown Funk, Hit The Diff (which is the brides least favourite song!) and then Riverdance.”

In the clip, the footballing ladies are seen giving it socks to a megamix including Bruno Mars’ classic hit and the ultimate wedding staple – the Riverdance.

It’s not long before the bride joins in for a good hooly, only to the delight of the watching crowds.

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