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04th Nov 2014

Five Films You Need to Watch on Date Night

Watching a movie with that certain someone can actually reveal a lot more about them than you might think..


Ah yes, the age-old dilemma of what to do on your first couple of dates with a potential new love interest. A romantic candlelit dinner? Too soon for that. A drink in the local? Perfect for date number one, and maybe two, but there are only so many mid-week tipples we can commit to consuming.

All too often we end up watching a movie with this relative stranger – because there’s no better way of getting to know your date than sitting in the dark in silence with them for a couple of hours, right? Well no, not exactly, but watching a film with someone can actually reveal a lot more about them than you might think. To help you make the most of your next totes awks movie date and scope out whether this is the guy for you, we’ve put together a quick guide to five film genres to help you suss out the object of your desire.

The comedy

They say that laughter is the key to building a long-term relationship so it’s important to find out pretty rapidly whether you share the same sense of humour. If he’s looking confused while you’re in stitches at Ron Burgundy’s antics or he’s cracking up at the latest Seth Rogen release when that laugh is just not your cup of tea, you might want to think twice about your date.

eye roll

The weepie

Looking for a sensitive soul to share your life with? Throw on one of your favourite sad movies (we’re thinking along the lines of Up, Saving Private Ryan, Casablanca or Toy Story 3 to name but a few) and watch the waterworks flow. And if he doesn’t look remotely affected by any of these flicks, you’re probably dating either a robot or a serial killer. Sorry!

Ron Burgundy - glass case of emotion

The horror

Just how brave is this guy? And how long will he wait before he casually puts a protective arm around you? Sitting (or in our case, suffering) through a creepy movie will reveal if your date is a scaredy cat and/or a gentleman. Two birds, one stone.


The romance

Suggesting you settle in to watch a rom com is a good way to test how interested this guy is in you. Is he prepared to spend two hours watching Hugh Grant stutter through the latest Richard Curtis flick just so he can spend time with you? Watching a love story unfold on screen might also kick start a conversation on that very subject, and provide you with some useful insight on his take on the smushy stuff.

hugh grant

The action

Action movies are universally appealing and generally light-hearted. Perfect to help you relax in eachother’s company, have a bit of a laugh, and all going to plan, enjoy a good smooch by the closing credits. Foolproof.

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