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14th Nov 2016

Expert claims this is the one mistake everyone is making on dating apps

Have you done this?

Dating apps like Tinder have really changed the game when it comes to dating, whether its for the better or worse probably depends on who you ask.

One definite benefit to Tinder is the fact that you have a chance to think about what you’re saying to the person and have time to type out witty replies rather than thinking of something on the spot like you have to do in person.

There are some go-to questions most people ask whether it’s online or in person, and main one is probably some version of ‘what do you do for a living?’

It seems like a simple question that leads into plenty of talking points, but the experts say its actually the one thing you should avoid asking.

The founder of app etiquette classes Beaumont Etiquette, Myka Meier has said that it can seem ‘opportunistic’ to some.

“A lot of feedback that both men and women in our dating courses give us is that it’s almost like if you were to ask, ‘so how much money do you make?’ ‘So how well educated are you?” She told Cosmo.

We always figured this was a safe bet. Oops.

Myka suggests talking about where they’re from, their past times or what they do on the weekend instead.

“It’s about figuring out more about their personality at this stage, and that initial kind of chemistry — if you have that chemistry,” Meier adds. “You often just have a few pictures to play off of.”

So next time you’re chatting to a nice match on Tinder, wait a while before asking what they do, and you might hit it off.