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23rd Dec 2013

Eight Reasons Why Christmas Is The Best Time Of Year

We just love it...

Cathy Donohue

Ah Christmas. There’s no denying that it’s a special time of year; there are those who say they hate it and that it’s too commercial but we do love the festivities.

Surrounded by family, delicious food and presents… it’s not every day such a great combination arises.

Here are some of the reasons we love Christmas…


Although they drive us crazy and there may be more than one fight on Christmas Day, it just wouldn’t be the same without family. From petty squabbles over the remote control to silly Christmas cracker jokes and board games… family Christmas fun is the best. It doesn’t change as you grow older either for although you might live away, there’s nothing quite like coming home for the holidays.


The festive season tends to involve lots of food; from Christmas dinner to the mandatory turkey sandwiches not to mention the vast amounts of sweets and selection boxes that tend to accumulate in the run up to the day itself. It’s probably the one day of the year where it’s almost compulsory to eat so much you feel as though you could burst. No guilt allowed, everyone is enjoying the day and January is time enough to start a health kick.


Turkey is traditional Christmas fare


It may not happen every year but when it does, it really is magical. There’s something storybook like about snow covered rooftops and crunchy white footprints everywhere. Of course, snow brings problems too including bitter cold and difficult driving conditions. However, for a few days during the cosy Christmas period, it’s relaxing to go for winter walks and snowball fights before coming back to settle in beside an open roaring fire.


We all remember how we felt as young children waiting for Santa and how the anticipation would build as Christmas approached. That really is such a special feeling and one that’s so important to recreate for children each year. Deep in concentration, Santa letters are posted each year and parents start to collect the loot in preparation for the big man’s arrival. Presents, big or small, it doesn’t matter as long as Santa delivers.


Santa Claus brings so much excitement to households worldwide


Christmas is definitely an excuse to party and enjoy ourselves. November tends to be a quite month and once December kicks off, it’s a whirlwind of work parties, friendly gatherings and dinner dates. It’s impossible to make time for everything but it is a lot of fun trying. Once Christmas music, dodgy dance moves and mistletoe are thrown into the mix, it’s a recipe for disaster or success… depending on how you view the situation.


The fairer sex are well known for their love of shopping and Christmas is the perfect excuse to indulge. It’s heartwarming to spend time searching for a loved one’s gift, secure in the knowledge that it is something they have been yearning for, before presenting it to them and seeing their reaction. We know that can go the other way too but let’s focus on the good reactions for now!


Present giving is a Christmas tradition

Dressing Up

Christmas gives us the perfect excuse to dress up; a dress for the office  party, high heeled boots on Christmas Day and a new smart winter coat for drinks on St. Stephen’s night… there are lots of opportunities to get the glad rags on. Trying to decide what to bring home for Christmas if you’re confined to one suitcase can be difficult but then, we do love a challenge.


Sparkles, baubles, ribbons, tinsel and glitter…even if you’re a self-confessed Scrooge, turning on the tree lights for the first time has a gooey effect on most of us. Fairy lights and a spray of tinsel can turn even the gloomiest room into a festive haven which is just one of the many things we love about Christmas.