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04th Jul 2016

Drop your phone in water? Try putting it in cat litter

No, really.

Carl Anka

Put it in rice.

That’s the long standing advice if you manage to drop your phone into some water.

Make a blunder, land your phone in water?

The long standing advice was to make sure the device is off as quickly as possible, remove the case, get off any excess liquid and then leave it in a bowl of (uncooked) rice for two days.

The idea is the rice will work to absorb any excess liquid which will help preserve your precious smartphone.

But now, an alternative method has developed for saving smartphones if you don’t happen to have an excess of rice laying about.

Why wouldn’t you have rice in your house? People have different dietary needs. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to help you save your phone.


A study from American smartphone retailer Gazelle concluded that cat litter could be more effective in saving a soggy smartphone than rice.

It appears the same qualities that make cat litter effective at cleaning up pet mess make crystal cat litter an effective absorbent for reviving your phone.

Much like with putting your phone in rice, Gazelle recommend making sure your phone is off (or at the very least or in a mode where you are unable to receive any notifications), before removing your cover to get rid of any excess liquid. It is then advised you place the wet phone in crystal cat litter for at least 48 hours. Placing the phone in a ziploc bag of the stuff is also helpful.

Lacking cat litter and rice in your house and want to save your phone? Try hunting down one of those silica gel packets you find knocking about in so many online orders. Or hunt down something like Damprid, which is another speciality absorbent.

Good luck folks, and if your phone still fails you, we hope you have insurance.