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24th Jul 2022

People everywhere swear their lives changed using this manifestation method

Trine Jensen-Burke

manifestation method

Manifestation is really having a moment.

From Oprah and Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande and Drake, celebrities have been speaking about the power of manifestation for a while, and slowly, but surely, it has trickled down, and now we are all thinking our dreams into reality, it seems.

According to the Urban Dictionary, manifesting is defined as “a hope for a desire until it comes true using the law of attraction.”

And while the methods when it comes to how to manifest varies, there are even people who call themselves ‘manifestation coaches’ out there now – because, well, we live in 2022 and such a thing can be a career nowadays.

However, according to a recent TikTok trend, there is a new manifestation method in town, and it promises to turn your dreams into reality quicker than you can say ‘I want to quit my job and become a travel blogger who reviews luxury hotels.’

The 369 manifestation method is taking social media by storm, and with over 218 million views, videos with the hashtag #369method tout manifesting everything from a text from a love interest to more cash in the bank (sold), and the best news? The technique couldn’t be simpler.

@widyassoraya i manifested so many big things with this method!! #369method #manifestation #fyp #333 #spiritualtiktok #foryou ♬ Darling – Trees and Lucy

What’s with the 369?

First of all, why the 3-6-9? Actually, the numbers are not just a random sequence, but rather a nod to the ‘369 Theory’ developed by inventor Nikola Tesla (yes, where Elon Musk himself got the name from).

Tesla, whose history and legacy are actually really interesting and worthy of a read, famously believed that these three numbers were the trifecta of energy, frequency, and vibration and hence held the key to the entire universe. Interestingly, if you dig around a little, you will find a number of references to these three numbers, and their unique meaning across many different cultures and religions dating back thousands of years.

In the same way that the Enneagram or zodiac signs clue us into our personalities and why we behave the way we do, numerology, it is said, can give us insight into future events.

“The number three is a very auspicious number and represents our connection to all that is,” explains Alyse Bacine, a spiritual mentor and breathwork practitioner.

“Six represents our true power as creator beings, and nine represents a completion or rebirth.”

How does the 369 manifestation method work?

The idea is rather simple: First, establish exactly what you want to manifest—be it a home of your own, a new job, a promotion, a trip, finding love etc.

Then, grab your pen and paper and journal about the experience as if you’re already living it three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times before you call it a night.

For example, if you are manifesting taking a year out to travel around Europe, you could write down things like:”I am strolling around the streets of Paris.” Or “I am learning Italian in Rome.” Or: “I am so happy to finally get to explore the islands of Greece.”

You could even add in details like how you are feeling, what life looks like right now, sights, smells, and feelings – literally sending the idea out to the universe that you are already living your dreams – before they are happening.

And as you’re writing your intention, try to tap into the vision and feeling of already having what you want. Like building any new habit, consistency is key, making it easier to keep your eye on the prize.

Does it work?

Here is the thing – as with most things, how you personally experience something is what matters – and with thousands and thousands of people claiming the 369 manifestation method worked for them, well, then maybe the idea of thinking your dreams into reality really has something to it?

Sure, maybe there is no magic or divine formula, but I think we can all agree that the whole idea of ‘energy goes where attention flows’ does make sense. As in, if you are constantly envisioning yourself having that dream job, well, then chances are you are going to make some active choices that will lead you towards that reality, no? Maybe it’s signing up for that course to gain more experience, maybe it’s networking, maybe it’s spending time improving your LinkedIn – regardless, having to think about your goal or your dreams several times throughout the day does make it more likely that your actions will align with your desire to get to that point, I reckon.

I think manifestation is a great tool for seeing the positive and working towards that rather than lingering in misery or envy or jealousy. Yes, you want something, and instead of just sulking because it is not yours yet (be it a house, a car, a partner), you are making active steps to move closer to what you want – and that can only be a good thing, right?

And turning something into a routine, building a habit, like you have to with the 369 method, well, it will give even more focus to whatever it is that your dream is and what you want to bring into your life, and as those that whole-heartedly believe in manifestation say, it is all about having the right energy to attract it, and taking aligned action to attain it.