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17th Jul 2022

Take a picture of your oven before you go on holidays – and here’s why

Trine Jensen-Burke


We have all been there.

You have planned for days, ticked off lists, carefully packed suitcases, organised everything to within an inch of its life, and you are finally holiday bound and in the car – or on the plane – only to suddenly have the thought pop into your head: “Did I turn the kettle off…” Or oven. Or hair straighteners.

And even though you deep down know that you did it, the thought lingers, like a little knot in your stomach, because What If.

However – if this sounds all sorts of familiar to you, Lifehacker has an easy fix to resolve the question of whether or not you left the oven (or whatever else) on.

All you need to do before you leave, as you make your way out of the house, is step back into the kitchen (or bedroom or bathroom), and snap a photo of your oven/kettle/toaster/hair straighteners on your phone.

Put your mind at ease

Think about it – it really is the perfect way to pre-empt your own worry frenzy – and get on top of it before it even happens.

That way, whenever your brain kicks off panicked thought about whether or not your house is now on fire, you can put your mind at ease by simply flipping to the photo on your phone.

In one swift look, you can see that, yes, everything was indeed turned off.

And then you can hopefully go back to your blissful holiday mood.

This little trick isn’t just for gadgets that can catch fire either.

Nope. You can just as easily snap a picture of the lock to your back door, the garage door, the upstairs windows or anything that might cause you to wake up in a useless panic in the middle of the night. Once you have photographic proof that you left everything in its proper place, hopefully, you can go back to enjoying your time away and not worrying about anything back home.

Clever? We know.