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08th May 2020

Dreading the look of cracked heels now that it’s summer? We’ve found the perfect solution

Anna Daly

cracked heels

Brought to you by Flexitol

Hello, sandal weather!

It’s our favourite time of the year – the sun is shining, the temperature is warm, and we are finally digging out our summer outfits. That means no more coats, no layers, and of course, no more heavy boots.

We love giving our feet time to breathe during the summer months so, pretty much as soon as that sun heats up, we swap the boots for sandals and show off our new pedicures. Self-done this year maybe, but sure look, they still look great.

One thing that doesn’t look great, however, are our cracked heels. Over winter, as per usual, our feet have gotten dry and cracked which is a lot more noticeable in sandals and is really throwing off our great feet vibes tbh.

Having hard, dry, and cracked feet is a very common condition which can be caused by a number of factors, including wearing open-backed shoes, weight gain, and various other medical conditions, such as diabetes. Some people can experience difficulty walking due to dry, cracked heels, and the condition can even lead to infection.

However, it is very treatable so if you’ve noticed some cracking in your heels that you want to get rid of, there’s no better time to start working on that – our heels need some love and care too after all.

Our favourite solution to cracked heels is to apply some Flexitol cream or balm to them. All of the Flexitol range contains urea, which occurs naturally in the skin and helps to increase the amount of moisture that the skin can hold, whilst simultaneously decreasing the amount of water lost from the skin’s surface. So, really, Flexitol is just helping your skin do exactly what it should be doing by itself anyway.

The Flexitol range includes:

Flexitol Heel Balm, which hydrates dry, cracked heels and feet. The formulation consists of a highly effective combination of 25 percent urea, and a synergistic blend of emollients, all of which contribute to healthier, softer, well-nourished skin. Apply Flexitol Heel Balm twice a day, morning and night, until healthy skin is restored. You should start seeing visible results from day one. Hurrah!

Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream, which is for very dry feet and legs. It contains a light and gentle balanced blend of moisturisers, which are quickly absorbed into the skin, to soften and care for very dry feet and legs. The cream helps your skin to be quickly restored to a healthy, well-nourished condition.

For a full range of the Flexitol products, including their Platinum range, containing 30 percent urea for particularly dry and cracked heels, head over to the Flexitol website.

To get your feet looking great and moisturised, you can pick up Flexitol products from all good pharmacies now.

It’s foot season, ladies, so let those tootsies out.

Brought to you by Flexitol