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05th Apr 2018

Disco bouncy castles exist and you can hire one in Ireland

disco bouncy castle

Take all of our money.

If you’ve ever been on a bouncy castle, you’ll know how much fun they are.

They’re bouncy, they’re castles, and they’re the total envy of all your neighbours.

If you thought though that you’d had enough of bouncy castles in your lifetime, don’t worry, you’re wrong, because a disco bouncy castle exists and we need to be inside of it ASAP.

The disco bouncy castles are being rented by Sligo company, Beat the Bounce, and they include everything from lights to strobes to an obstacle course.

Just look how much fun this looks, like.

The disco bouncy castles are currently only available for hire in Sligo (or anywhere within a 40 mile radius of the county), so if that doesn’t suit you, you’ve still got a few options to get your disco on.

1. Drive to Sligo, rent a field out for 8 hours, and get the party started.

2. Head over to someone else’s disco bouncy castle and commandeer it for a while.

3. Hire a regular bouncy castle and throw a few fairy lights in it.

All viable options. All totally acceptable.

If you do happen to reside in the Sligo/40 miles out of Sligo area though, you can book a disco bouncy castle for eight hours over on Beat the Bounce’s website. 

It’ll only cost you €220 too.

Absolute bargain.