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03rd Feb 2018

A couple got married in a toilet and the reason why is actually fairly sweet

Jade Hayden


Where’s your ideal wedding venue?

Probably a church or a garden or a hotel or something, yeah?

Same, to be honest.

Whatever your preference, it’s probably fair to go ahead and assume that your ideal venue wouldn’t be a toilet.

Not the cleanest or spacious of spots, in fairness.

However, sometimes weddings just need to happen and you don’t really have another option.

That’s what happened to couple Brian and Maria Schultz when they tried to get married at the Monmouth County Courthouse in New Jersey.

According to a video uploaded by the Sheriff’s department, Brian’s mother had signed the marriage licence and needed to be present to make the marriage official.

However, before things kicked off, she had an asthma attack and had to be taken to the bathroom to wait for paramedics to arrive.

Brian and Maria were left with two choices – give up and wait another 45 days to wed… or move things to the toilet.

They did the latter.

And things still seemed to work out pretty well for the two of them in fairness.


The ceremony took place on January 2 so we can probably go ahead and assume that all the excitement has since died down for Brian and Maria.

That being said though, the Sheriff’s office only uploaded the video recently, and it’s since been viewed almost 10,000 times so, you know, they won’t be able to forget their toilet wedding in a hurry.

Sheriff Shaun Golden said that he commended the EMTs involved to make sure the groom’s mother was safe and alright during the ceremony.

He also congratulated the pair on their happy day.

“As for the nuptials, the quick thinking and determination of our officers and commitment from the judge to perform the ceremony in unusual circumstances led to one happy couple.

“I congratulate them both and wish the mother continued health.”

You can watch the full video below.