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16th Feb 2024

Is it actually safe to wear claw clips when you’re driving?

Kat O'Connor

Don’t take my collection of claw clips away

Claw clips are the greatest invention of all time, don’t even question it. Am I slightly addicted to buying them? Maybe, but they’re an essential purchase nowadays like a carton of milk or a tin of deodorant.

They give me the chance to make my hair look somewhat like Rachel Green’s but ultimately I look like Miss Trunchbull.

They’re the best accessory unless you’re a driver.

A recent warning was issued after a stark rise in TikTok’s about the dangers of wearing claw clips when you drive.

If you’ve not yet seen the videos trending on TikTok then let me explain what’s going on.

It turns out that our beloved claw clips are actually pretty dangerous accessories if you’re driving.

Multiple women have been injured by the clips in car accidents and the damage they’re causing is pretty awful.

Many women have had the clips lodged into their heads and some have even had them lodged into their skulls.

Scrap Car Comparison has advised people to stop wearing claw clips when they’re driving after the rise in incidents.

They told The Sun: “While a claw clip may look stylish – wearing the item while behind the wheel could lead to painful and debilitating injuries, should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being involved in a collision.

“Because of the proximity to the head, and the many claws which these accessories are made up of, the hair grips could cause significant injuries to the skull, face, and neck if you were to be involved in a crash.”

Ditch the claw clips and opt for a scrunchie instead

If you need to tie your hair up when you’re out driving then using a scrunchie or hair tie is your best bet.

They won’t cause any damage and will keep your hair out of your face without putting you at risk.

We never thought claw clips could be so harmful but we’ll be ditching them on our next drive after watching the below video.

Claw clips are officially banned from my car.

@paisley.rileyyy Replying to @ocytemple3 sorry for the stutter and shaking: i have a concussion and am on medications😕 #fyp #foryou #hairclip ♬ original sound – Paisley Nicole🤍