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23rd Mar 2020

You can buy a painted planter of your dog’s face so Monday is already ten times better

Cathy Donohue


A painted planter of your pooch’s face.

Life has changed considerably due to Covid-19 and at the moment, there’s no way of knowing how long these circumstances will continue.

That’s why the little things are more important than ever and you’ll find joy in the smallest of happenings, including the idea of having a planter of your dog’s face.

Personally, I’m delighted with the news and that’s largely due to the fact that I won’t see my family pet for quite some time due to social distancing and isolation measures.

However, Etsy can always be relied on to come good with the creative ideas and this painted planter is the latest in a long line of adorable animal must-haves (note also the matching robes for you and your pupper).

Meo3 3D, based in New York, sells through Etsy and although we’re all about the dogs, there is a huge variety of planters available including cats, hedgehogs and, even pandas.

They come in three sizes with varying prices and you can check out all the information here.

Brb, I’m off to pick a handsome photo of my beautiful Bobby!