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31st Jul 2015

Can a Song Give You an Orgasm?!

Look, all we're saying is... it's worth a try.

We all have songs that make us cry, others that might make us laugh, some that inspire us to hit the town or maybe even one to imagine our first dance at a wedding to (Just us? Ok, cool. Whatever). 

Some experts, however, think that music can be responsible for an altogether more intimate and pleasurable experience indeed.

A recent paper titled Thrills, chills, frissons, and skin orgasms: toward an integrative model of transcendent psychophysiological experiences in music has attempted to explain those tingly feelings you might be prone to when your jam is hitting full crescendo.

BBC said of the paper, which was authored by musician and psychologist Psyche Loui and Wesleyan University student Luke Harrison: “Sudden changes in harmony, dynamic leaps (from soft to loud), and melodic appoggiaturas (dissonant notes that clash with the main melody, like you’ll find in Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’) seem to be particularly powerful,” with regard to the production of “musical frisson”.

You might just know it as a chill, but some (lucky?) people feel those sensations so vividly they have been described as “skin orgasms”.

“The aesthetic experience can be so intense that you can’t do anything else” says Loui.

So… what song does it for you?!