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04th Jun 2019

Mother-in-law fights with bride and then buys white outfit for her wedding

Olivia Hayes

Would you be furious?

A bride has been left fuming after her soon-to-be mother-in-law showed the outfit she is wearing to her wedding – and it’s white, cream and grey.

As we all know, it’s a major faux pas to wear white to a wedding if you’re not the bride and this woman thinks her partner’s mum is doing it on purpose because they recently had an argument.

The bride wrote online that she is “slight miffed” by it, but in all honesty if she’s writing about it online we’d say she’s more that miffed…

She wrote:

“Me and DF are getting married soon. My soon to be MIL is wearing a cream top and jacket and a pale grey skirt!

“Went round yesterday and she shows me these white bridal shoes and white satin bag! AIBU for being slightly miffed at this? We had a very recent fall out so she may have done it on purpose to annoy me!”

Many users had different reactions, with some saying that it’s not a big deal. One wrote:

“As long as she isn’t wearing a veil I think everyone won’t get the two of you muddled. A grey skirt isn’t a very bridal look, though!”

While another said:

“It’s not traditional, but she absolutely won’t be stealing your thunder. The only thing that could happen – and it’s more for her to worry about than you – is that people might give her the side-eye.”

However, another was just as annoyed as the bride and said it was out of order:

“It’s rude. Everyone knows it’s an absolute no-no to do this, which is why, if she goes ahead, it will be no reflection on you as the only person she’s likely to show up well and truly is herself. Why must MiLs insist on doing this? Are they determined to turn themselves into laughing stocks?”