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17th Aug 2014

Beetroot: This Week’s Detox Superfood To Add To Your Shopping List

A detoxifying vegetable that is often over looked on the shopping list...

Did you know that beetroot is a superfood?

Beetroot is an amazing detoxifying vegetable and is often over looked on the shopping list, but this vegetable is excellent for making sure that bad toxins leave the body.

One of the newer ‘superfoods’ to hit the headlines, a humble beetroot is packed full of nutrients and has long been used in folk medicine to treat a variety of ailments including fevers and illnesses relating to digestion and the blood.

Beetroot has high levels of important vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. With an anti-cancerous agent it helps fight against free radicals and contains powerful antioxidants which protect your heart.

While cleansing the body and in turn promotes a calming effect on the skin on sensitive skin.

Juice it…


Drinking beetroot juice can also increase stamina, giving people more energy and for longer periods of time.

A daily dose apparently has more effect on oxygen levels than can be achieved even through training. Scientists credit nitrate in the juice, which they say helps the body to use less oxygen, meaning those exercising feel less tired.

Beetroot juice makes a refreshingly nice change from simple orange and apple. Check out Slim With Tina’s recipe here.