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11th Apr 2017

Apparently, Ed Sheeran is recording a music video in this Galway pub RIGHT NOW

One can only guess what song the music video might be for…

It hardly needs repeating that Ed Sheeran is a BIG deal in Ireland and he seems to have a particular affinity, as a lot of us do to be fair, with Galway.

Like many a wannabe singer-songwriter, Ed used to busk on Shop Street back in the day and he even borrowed the title of a famous ballad for a song on his new album, Divide.

Word got out earlier today that Ed was going to be recording the music video for ‘Galway Girl’ in O’Connor’s pub in Salthill and, as is evident from this video recorded by Enda Cunningham of the Connacht Tribune, it didn’t take long for the crowds to show up.

No sighting of Ed just yet, but we’re sure it won’t take long for evidence to surface if and when he does show a face.