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11th May 2015

APP-reciation: 5 Apps for Photo Lovers

You know what they say, a pictures worth a thousand words.

Cassie Delaney

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe that’s why we’re so addicted to Instagram here in the Her Towers.

Alas, with the sunshine on hiatus, capturing that summer spirit on our phone has been tricky. Fret not; we’re here to give you the low down on the best photography apps out there and how you can use them to enhance your 99’s by the seaside.

  1. VSCO cam

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

This is a favourite of die-hard Instagrammers. The app is free with in-app purchases for additional filters. The existing filters offer more control than the Instagram pre-sets and the in app camera boasts controls for shutter speed, white balance and exposure compensation.

The main menu allows you to browse galleries of peer images and create your own minimalist profile or grid. Where Instagram exists to make your photos looks good, VSCO cam makes them look real.


  1. Photoshop Express


This free download is a scaled back version of Photoshop. It offers multiple pre-set filters and functions to add boarders, reduce red eye and cropping. Unlike other freebies, this has a small healing tool, which allows you to remove small blemishes from your photos. For more advanced but pricier control, try Photoshop Touch, which is available for €4.99.


  1. Aviary


Like the ones before, this app is free to download with additional in app purchases. Its got tonnes of features including colour splash, free hand drawing and even a meme generator. Slightly less control is offered for actual filters (called effects here) but the fun novelty overlays and boarders more than compensate. A must have for lovers of graphics.


  1. Mextures


Mextures (as the name suggests) is the app for adding textures and overlays to your images. It’s incredibly easy to use and each added effect is a separate layer so you retain full control over the image. This is one for those who love stylised shots or making things look like they’re on fire.


  1. Font Candy


You may or may not have noticed but we’re fans of the odd inspirational instaquote. We just can’t help ourselves. Font Candy is our weakness. It’s a little bit clumsy to use at times but the array of filters and fonts are worth persevering for. The watermark is irritating but can be removed for a once off in app purchase of 99c.