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10th Nov 2020

Aoife P. Rafter: “Our society is supposed to support people with disabilities”

Cystic Fibrosis and Cervical Cancer advocate speaks out

Niamh Maher

Aoife P. Rafter has just launched her personal health and wellness blog and has been cocooning due to her health throughout the pandemic.

We’re close to half-way through our second lockdown here in Ireland due to the Covid-19 pandemic and things are tough for many people across the country. As people struggle with being separated from their loved ones, it’s important to remember why we’re putting this effort in and who these actions are truly benefitting.

Aoife P. Rafter is a young woman from Kildare who has endured an unimaginably difficult time with her health. As a life-long Cystic Fibrosis sufferer and Cervical Cancer survivor, Aoife cocooned for 17 weeks in her Kildare home during the first lockdown.

Aoife will be sharing her story with a mixture of self-shot and documentary footage on an upcoming TG4 show that follows the lives of ordinary Irish people in extraordinary times. We caught up with Aoife for the latest episode of Girls With Goals as she launched her personal health and wellness blog.

For our full interview with Aoife, click the link below or catch up with the latest episode on Spotify.

Produced by Midas Productions on TG4, Saol Faoi Ghlas, starring Aoife and others, will be aired at 9.30pm, on Wednesday, November 18.