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09th Aug 2019

Why you should always take your mum to a house viewing


Brought to you by permanent tsb

This needs a mum’s eye. 

It may be a while since you asked your mum for advice but if you’re looking at houses now might be a good time to start again.

Of course, in the end, you’re the one who’ll be living there so the final decision is up to you, but here are just a few reasons why we ALWAYS bring our mums with us when we’re viewing a house.

She’ll help keep your feet on the ground

It’s very easy to get emotional about a house you love. Mammy will bring you back down to earth in no time by pointing out all its flaws and it pays to have an unbiased opinion when viewing houses.

She’ll make sure you don’t get any fancy notions

Sure why would you pay extra for a walk-in wardrobe when that spare one she has in the garage would do fine?

She’ll charm extra info out of the estate agent

She has ways of making people talk, even if they don’t want to. She’ll find out why the seller is moving, where they’re moving to and probably the names of their 2 kids and their dog too while she’s at it. And didn’t she go to school with the estate agent’s hairdresser’s husband’s cousin? Sure they’re practically family – hello preferred bidder!

She’ll get into every nook and cranny

She won’t be afraid to poke about. If there’s a squeaky cupboard door, rest assured she will find it and she won’t be shy about pointing it out to the agent either.

She won’t be afraid to haggle

She used to embarrass the hell out of you when she looked for a discount off dresses with loose buttons or slightly bruised apples when you were a kid but these haggling skills might well come in handy now. If you want the seller to leave the radiator covers, consider it done!

She’ll be chuffed you asked

There’s nothing mums love more than being asked for their opinion and one thing’s for sure – they’re always happy to give it.

So go on, give your mum a call and bring her along. You definitely won’t regret it when you’re lying on the couch in your new dream home.

Brought to you by permanent tsb

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