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04th Jan 2016

Already Dreaming Of Your Next Day Off? Here’s The List Of Public Holidays In 2016

Hint: It's not for a while.

Megan Cassidy

Christmas is officially over, and the Coca Cola truck can lay off the gas because the holidays ain’t comin’ for quite a while.

We have barely digested our last leftover turkey sandwich, but we are already daydreaming about our next day off.


Well, according to this list of Irish public holidays which we spotted on the Irish Mirror today, the next public holiday is a long way off.

St. Patrick’s Day on the seventeenth of March is the next public day off, yes that’s right – eleven weeks away.

There are nine public holidays altogether in 2016, with New Year’s day being the first – meaning there’s a remainder of eight days.

Here are the eight public holidays in the diary for this year:

Thursday, March 17 – St Patrick’s Day

Monday, March 28 – Easter Monday

Monday, May 2 – May Day

Monday, June 6 – June Bank Holiday

Monday, August 1 – August Bank Holiday

Monday, October 31 – October Bank Holiday

Monday, December 26 – Christmas (observed)

Tuesday December 27 – St Stephen’s Day (observed)

The Christmas and St. Stephens Day holidays are observed a day late as they fall on weekend/bank holiday days.

View the full list of public holidays here.