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09th May 2016

A survey has revealed some interesting results about your masturbation habits

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Happy International Masturbation Month everyone!

Yes, this is a real thing.

For those interested, sex toy company We-Vibe has released their 2016 Passion Report which looked into the sex lives and masturbation habits of over 1000 participants.

It revealed some very interesting tidbits.

For example, did you know that 53% of women use sex toys to make masturbating more interesting while only 22% of men make an addition like this to their routine.

Almost HALF of people understate or exaggerate about their sex lives, so perhaps those that constantly talk about their conquests may be…embellishing a little while the quiet ones…you know what they say.

People also seem to repeat the same steps when it comes to self-love, with 62% of people following a certain routine every single time.

91% of men say that watching ‘adult content’ makes for a much more satisfying solo experience.

19% of women and 33% of men think about a famous person when they’re having some alone time, with the number one man being Channing Tatum, and Jennifer Lopez nabbing the top spot for the ladies.

Some very positive news to round this one off.

Masturbating regularly can keep you looking younger for longer, according to Refinery29.

It causes the blood flow in your body to increase, leading to a flood of oxygen to your system, which equals a boost in collagen production. That’s the stuff that keeps your face plump and youthful looking.

If there was ever a reason…