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02nd Jun 2018

14 things you should definitely do as soon as you get engaged

Congratulations are in order!

Keeley Ryan

Huge congratulations!

Your partner has popped the question and you’ve said ‘yes’. The sparkling ring is on your finger and you two are getting married!

It’s definitely a huge moment, and you’re kicking off an absolutely incredible time in your lives together.

But…what exactly do you need to do after you get engaged?

There isn’t exactly a strict list on what you need to do in the aftermath of getting engaged. But before diving head first into the planning process, there are a few immediate to-dos.

From the more fun-and-exciting things to the nitty gritty, here are fourteen steps you should take after you get engaged.

Take a beat and relax

No, really.

The next few days, weeks and months are going to be incredibly hectic as planning gets underway and there may not be many stress-free “just the two of you” moments.

So, pop your favourite bottle of bubbly and just take an evening to relax before really jumping into the planning process.

Tell your family and friends

It’s officially time to ring your parents, siblings and BFFs (unless you’re aiming to keep the engagement under wraps for awhile).

None of your nearest and dearest should find out about your new status via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – so it’s definitely better to give them a bell to share your happy news.

Besides, chances are, mum and dad have a vague idea about what’s happened and are waiting for your call.

Get a manicure

For the next few weeks, your left hand is going to be well and truly in the spotlight – so it’s time to pamper yourself a little bit.

Head to your favourite nail salon to get a manicure – after all, a fresh coat of polish, clean cuticles and soft skin will make your sparkler pop.

Share the ring selfie

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

So, once you’re ready to share your happy news with the world, it’s time to head to social media and post that ring selfie or an adorable photo with your partner to share the love.

Get your ring re-sized

If your ring fits perfectly the first time you try it on, that’s fantastic.

But whether there’s an extra bit of wiggle room in the ring, or even if it fits a bit to snug, it’s better to get the adjustments made sooner rather than later.

After all, the last thing you need is a slightly-too-big ring accidentally slipping off and getting lost.

…And then get your ring insured

It’s not exactly the most glamorous of things to consider, especially after saying ‘yes’, but it could end up saving you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Whether a stone gets loose, your ring slips off accidentally, or it falls down the garbage disposal, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you’ve got the proper protection for the sparkler.

Set a date – but maybe not the date

One of the first questions you’ll be facing – after “can I see the ring?!” and “how did they ask?!” – is when you’re actually planning on tying the knot.

But, since you just got engaged, it may not be at the forefront of your thoughts.

So, work out a blanket statement that will have you covered: “We’re looking at next Fall” or “We’re aiming for a year or so from now” works just as well as the exact date.

Make a rough guest list

It doesn’t need to be an exact roll call of who will be there on your big day, but you both need to be on the same page about whether you’re going to go big or keep it small.

Plus, having an estimate on how many people you would like to have at your big day will help when it comes to settling on a venue.

Start looking at venues

Once you’re ready to jump into planning, of course.

Since you can’t decide on a date until you’ve found the perfect location (and, to a degree, vice-versa), it’s time to start researching where you want to ultimately walk down the aisle.

Start by looking online first, or, if you’ve already got a place in mind, you can always call to get more information on pricing and availability.

Gather some wedding inspiration

Whether you create a Pinterest board, Google doc, create a folder on your computer or simply decide to save photos on Instagram, it’s time to pull together some images of your favourite wedding elements.

You can keep the pictures to yourself for organisational purposes, or share it with your wedding planner (if you’re using one), mum, partner or friends to view and throw in their own ideas.

Determine the size of the bridal party

How many bridesmaids and groomsmen are you having? Does there have to be even numbers, or are you okay with having an odd number?

Are you even having a bridal party at all?

No matter the number of bridesmaids or groomsmen, it’s a must-discuss between you and your partner…before one of you accidentally pops that question to a pal.

Work out a budget and start a savings plan

We know, we know – it’s not exactly the topic you want to be thinking about so soon after you say yes.

But it’s definitely worth thinking about what you want to and can afford to spend on your big day.

By determining a wedding budget, you’ll be able to get an idea of much much you need to save – and what kind of period of time you want to do it over.

Get a wedding planner

Not necessarily a human wedding planner – not yet, anyways.

Find an iPhone or Android app, a datebook, a calendar…or, really, any kind of device that will keep you organised and help you create a timeline for the big wedding-relates tasks.

Have a celebration

You’re engaged now – and cheers to that!

Whether you round up some of your best friends for a celebratory toast or simply head out for a cosy solo date night, this is definitely an occasion to celebrate.