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01st Nov 2015

11 Struggles Anyone Born In The 1980s Faces

Rejoice you 80s babies! You pile of legends you…

Rejoice you 80s babies! You pile of legends you…

Sure young wans these days don’t have a clue at all, at all.

We’re heading off down memory lane, and making ourselves feel extremely old as we do so. But bear in mind folks, the struggle is real… and really, we should all just embrace it and ask, ‘What would Madonna do?’


The weddings… All the weddings

It’s that time of your life. Everyone’s getting married, having hen parties, having babies, buying houses… You’ve so many parties and weddings to go to, your weekends are booked out months in advance.


The Leaving Cert…

Was at least ten years ago (unless you are a late 80s baby, but hey, you’re nearly on the decade mark). It’s terrifying to think of it, sure you remember it like it was only yesterday and still get that sickly feeling in your stomach on results day.


You’re closer to 50…

Cue the “I’m now more than a quarter of a century old” crisis. You’re not 25 anymore, 30 may have already arrived and you still don’t have your sh*t sorted. And you don’t even know how to start sorting it.


You still look for an adult

On those occasions when an adult’s reasoning is called for. Can someone please tell us where the more adult-y adults are hanging out?



You remember the days…

When mobile phones did not exist and your mother had an itemised phone bill to catch you ringing your friends for hours on end at weekends. You also remember the PAIN of dial up internet connection and that really, really annoying beeping.


When Google didn’t have the answer

And speaking of internet, you also remember the days when encyclopaedias were a thing. And were used. And now you’re feeling awful because you’ve turned into one of those people who say ‘remember the days when…’


face palm

The X Factor

Will never be the same again… as you’re now eligible for the ‘Overs’ category. Oh Lord, where has that time gone? But we still firmly believe we’d win if we entered. We’re just soooo busy right now, we don’t have time to audition.

emma stone singing in the shower gif

The ‘half your age plus seven’ game…

Becomes a valid rule to follow when you realize that most of the lads out and about of a Saturday night are a bit younger and you don’t want to feel like a cougar altogether.

Joey gif

Taylor Swift is younger than you

Unless of course, you are cool and were also born in 1989. But if not, it’s not only Taylor Swift, but all of One Direction, probably Jennifer Lawrence and sure aren’t the guards looking awful young these days?


Application Forms

Now take things to a whole new level. You have a brand new box to tick. And you hate it.

Sound guys, talk about rubbing it in.


People born in 2000

Are probably sitting their Junior Cert round about now (or God forbid, have already sat it).

We’ll leave that terrifying thought to settle.

In the meantime, we’re going to continue to bop around to Pulp’s Disco 2000 and remember when you all swore you would ‘meet up in the year 2000’.

Honorary mention:

You’re guilty of wandering down the nostalgia road a bit too much and find yourself reading articles like this one here and agreeing 100 per cent with everything it says.

We can’t blame you, we’re right there with you, Take That t-shirt and shell suit firmly in place.