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11th Jun 2023

11 adorable baby names perfect for your little Gemini baby

Are YOU due in the next four weeks?


Approaching your due-date in the next few weeks?

Congratulations – then you’re about to welcome a little Gemini baby into your life.

Geminis, as a sign, are known for being open, sociable, great communicators and always playful. According to astrology, Gemini is an air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury, and people born under this sign are often associated with traits like ‘swift,’ ‘agile,’ and ‘skilled in crafts.’

And whether or not you believe in astrology and star consolations having any power over our earth-bound lives, we think these Gemini-inspired names are actually all sorts of adorable:

  1. Awel

For a girl

Gemini’s element is air, and this Welsh moniker is said to mean ‘breeze’ – in other words, perfect for an air sign baby girl.

  1. Dexter

For a boy

This Latin name is said to mean ‘skilful, right-handed, dexterous’ and not only that, we love how you can also shorten it to the very cute ‘Dex.’

  1. Amora

For a girl

Meaning “speaker or interpreter” in Hebrew, it’s perfect for your sociable and communicative Gem.

  1. Alber

For a boy

This Teutonic name means “agile mind.”

  1. Callena

For a girl

This German name is said to mean ‘chatter’ or ‘talkative,’ meaning it is all sorts of perfect for a little Gemini.

  1. Tate

For a boy

Not only is Tate a pretty adorable moniker for your little tot, it also means ‘great talker’ or ‘cheerful,’ meaning it is a match made in heaven for a little Gemini boy.

  1. Lily

For a girl

Did you know that Lily of the Valley is one of the flowers of the Gemini?

  1. Thomas

For a boy

You might know a lot of Thomas-es already, but did you know it actually comes from the Greek word for ‘twin’ – meaning, of course, it fits a Gemini pretty darn well.

  1. Vivian

For a girl

This Latin name translates as ‘lively’ and ‘vivacious’ and is very fitting of the personality many geminis have in common.

  1. Tristan

For a boy

An old Celtic name said to mean ‘the noisy one,’ we think it is a pretty fitting choice for a chatty Gemini.

  1. Juno

For a girl

Is it literal? Yes. Is it adorable? Absolutely.


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