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19th Aug 2015

10 Things… Romantic Comedies Have Taught Us

NEVER put Baby in a corner.


There’s nothing we love more here in Her Towers than a good soppy romantic comedy.

From Sleepless in Seattle to Love Actually, there are thousands of corny favourites that we can watch over and over again.

Far-fetched storylines aside, the romantic comedy is a great movie to watch when you need a confidence boost, as one thing you can be sure of is that there will always be a happy ever after.

Here are some of our favourite life lessons that rom-coms have taught us…


You will always get the man in the end

Regardless of the trials and tribulations and the inevitable moment of drama that seems like you’ve lost him forever… you will always get him in the end.

Here come the girls

Even if he ditches you at the altar (á la Mr. Big), your girls will always be there to pick you up and help you out.


Beauty tricks are soooo easy

All you need to do is take off your glasses, straighten your hair and pop on a pair of heels to wow everyone.


Shopping cures everything

No matter what heartache you are going through, there’s nothing that shopping can’t cure.


Under the covers

Your first time having sex with someone will be absolutely amazing, extremely romantic and with no awkward moments whatsoever. Right…

Romance is key

Never, ever underestimate the power of a grand gesture.


Boys are mean

Lads like putting bets on things – usually as to whether or not they can bag a date with you. The discovery of this fact may prove to be a crucial turning point in your relationship.

A mindblowing kiss..

Most of your kisses should happen with a backdrop of fireworks… or in the rain. That shouldn’t be too difficult in Ireland.


Well hello there

The man of your dreams is always a dashing lad who can lift you up with ease, is full of romantic one-liners and is partial to stroking the side of your face. As you do.

Love conquers all…

Even airport security. He will be able to hop over all metal detectors and security checks to stop that plane for you.



Honourable mention

You should never put Baby in a corner.