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30th May 2016

This woman’s viral Facebook post makes a brilliant point about depression

Mental health is one of the most-discussed topics at the moment, and there are some people that hold some pretty controversial views about what is the best way of managing a mental health condition such as depression.

A post on Facebook gathered a lot of attention for insinuating that antidepressant medications are ‘shit’ and the only ‘real antidepressant’ is spending time outdoors.

Obviously, this is a completely nonsensical view of depression, as many people need those medications to function properly.

Jenni Chiu hit back at this attitude with a powerful Facebook post that has been shared thousands of times over, and she makes some great points.

“Depression and anxiety are mental ILLNESSES. Not all illness can be cured with fresh air and sunshine. Sometimes chemical imbalances in the brain need to be supplemented. It may not be the answer for everybody, but it is definitely a life saver for some.”

“Can simple lifestyle changes improve our mental and physical health? Certainly.Should a drug that could keep someone from wanting to die be described as “shit”? Never.If you manage your mental illness by taking medication, I AM PROUD OF YOU. If you are considering talking to your doctor about medication, I AM PROUD OF YOU.”

“If you are able to manage a mood disorder naturally, I AM PROUD OF YOU. If you are considering talking to your doctor about weaning off of or changing medications, I AM PROUD OF YOU.”

You can read the full post below: