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25th Mar 2017

Eating this type of food could cause wrinkles

It's so hard to cut out though.

Laura Holland

It’s just so hard to cut out.

When it comes to the causes of wrinkles we’re all aware of the most common which are age, smoking and UV rays from the sun. We can pile on as much moisturiser and sun cream as we like but they still appear.

It turns out there is something in your diet that could be making the situation even worse and that’s sugar.

According to Fitness Magazine, they say that food that contains sugar, such as cakes, chocolate, cookies, fresh bread – basically every type of treat – causes a weakening of the skin which results in wrinkles.

It’s down to “glycation” which is a process in the body that happens when foods with a high glycemic index, such as sugary products, are eaten. The sugars in that type of food binds to collagen and elastin, weakening them, and that causes wrinkles.

It’s not just food, your choice of drink on a night out could cause wrinkles too with cocktails like margaritas containing a lot of sugar. Fitness Magazine advises us to order a glass of red wine instead because it contains age-defying antioxidants.

Good to know!