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16th Nov 2018

The Power List: 5 essentials to keep energised during chilly season

Stay cosy!

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Pharmaton.

Winter can be beautiful, no doubt. But it also means Jack Frost is out, nipping fingers and toes throughout the night.

We wrap ourselves in woolly jumpers, don the puffy jackets, ensure the shower is extra hot and throw a thick sheet over ourselves at night. It helps, but to really avoid catching a cold, start from the inside out, and build that immunity.

Here are three tricks to set you off on the right path.

Crunchy Brussels Sprouts

If you loathed them as a child, honestly, chop a bunch of them in half, fire them on the pan, and cook them in your favourite oil or a teeny bit of butter. They’re utterly DIVINE and oh, SO ridiculously good for you. The Brussels sprout belongs to the cabbage family (that other good stuff) and it’s high in glucosinolates and sulfur compounds that help fight bacterial, viral and fungal infections in the body. This goes for plenty of cruciferous veggies like broccoli and kale too.


Between working around the clock, getting to the gym, keeping in the loop with friends, and staying true to all commitments – it can take it’s toll on our mind and body, for sure.

Instead of being overly tired and stressed — opt for the perfect pick-me-up. Pharmaton capsules are clinically proven to help fight tiredness and low energy levels. The multivitamin and mineral capsules are made with Ginseng G115 which is proven to boost concentration levels and physical performance even when we’re tired. It’s ideal for when we need that extra boost to keep us going.

You can check out their website here to see which product within the Pharmaton range is best suited to you. There’s the original Pharmaton Capsules, Pharmaton Active Life and Pharmaton Kiddi — the latter being developed entirely with the little ones in mind.

Herbs and Spices

Okay, if you’re not sprinkling these all over dinner, honestly, you’re missing out friends. We don’t always think of using herbs and spices but they’re a terrific addition to any meal. Try out all the goodies like garlic, onion, black pepper, chives, cilantro, fennel, sage, parsley, thyme, and spices like cumin, cayenne pepper, turmeric, saffron, and ginger. They’re insanely good for us.


Winter is here! And so that vitamin D won’t be absorbed so easily anymore. Grab yourself lots of different kinds of mushrooms. We promise, in the right kind of dish, they’re DELISH. If you’re not into mushrooms but would like to be, try giving a few of them (sliced thin) a little fry on the pan along with garlic and olive oil. (NOM!)

Move, Move, Move

Yes, we not fans of hearing this either, but it’s essential to keeping happy, being able to relax and enjoy our days. Exercise is a MAJOR stress-reliever, so it keeps away chronic stress, depression and feeling down. We’ll sleep better and our immune system will be SO much stronger. If there’s a stage where you need a little extra help having the energy to push yourself in this regard – don’t forget about Pharmaton which could be just the boost you need.

So, let’s keep the immunity strong and embrace the winter season ladies. Now, off to check our shopping list…

Brought to you by Pharmaton.

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