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26th Jul 2015

Spotlight On: Achieving The Perfect Orgasm

We answer all of the questions that you are too afraid to ask.


Over the last number of months, we’ve learned a thing or two about the wide range of contraceptives that are available on the market today.

Now, we are going to continue our focus on health by studying a wide range of topics relating to sex and sexual health.

Last week, we focused on his key erogenous zones to help spice up your love life, while this week, we’ll be looking at ways to achieve that perfect orgasm.


With lots of myths going around about how to achieve the perfect orgasm, we’ve combined all of the best tips to give you one handy guide to bring the oomph back into your sex life.


One of the best ways to help you achieve orgasm is to begin with a little bit of DIY. Studies have shown that almost 50% of women experience their first orgasm by masturbation and basically, once you know what you like, you’ll be able to show him and share the experience.


Cut back

According to some recent studies, women could be seriously lessening their chances of orgasm if they overindulge with alcohol. Cut back your intake and see what dizzying heights you can reach.

wine woman relax


Time to sign up to your nearest yoga class ladies as it has been shown that yoga helps women to achieve orgasm.

Not only is it good for your mental state, but there’s now an even better reason to join your local class!



Studies have shown that nearly half of all headache sufferers actually have their symptoms eased by orgasm. So if your head is killing you, you actually have the perfect excuse to get between the sheets!



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again and again – and perhaps even shout it off the rooftops: foreplay is absolutely key to help a woman on her way to orgasm. Remember, it takes an average of eight minutes for a woman to reach her peak, so be sure to get some vital foreplay in to achieve that moment.


The big C

Never underestimate the importance of the clitoris as it has been shown that the majority of women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax, be it during foreplay or intercourse.

The G-spot is also a favourite with experts as a good way to get women to orgasm.

The ‘oh my god’-gasm: This one may seem simple but it does require a lot of practice to get it just right, but when you do, you’ll be wondering why you never tried it before. Have sex with your man as you normally would, but right before you have an orgasm flex your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that you use to stop yourself from going to the bathroom). This will result in a longer and stronger orgasm for both you and your man.

In the mood

You’re less likely to reach orgasm if you’re feeling stressed or insecure about yourself. Take a deep breath and relax – the more your body relaxes, the more likely you are to orgasm. Better yet, get your partner to give you a massage. Not only will it help you to relax, but it’s a sure fire way to get you in the mood too!

The simple orgasm: A clitoral orgasm is one of the easiest ways to experience sexual pleasure and it’s a good place to start if you struggle to hit the big O when you’re in bed with your man. Simply relax and get your man to focus all his attention on that part of your body. Experiment with different pressure, sensations and rhythms to find out what works best for you.

Oral sex

Oral sex is a key way for women to reach orgasm. Getting your man to use his hands or a sex toy of your choice at the same time can also make this a pretty amazing experience.

2. Coital  Alignment: This is a variation of missionary that aims to produce a mutual orgasm, which will enhance your levels of intimacy. Simply wrap your legs around him and ask him to go slowly.

Time of the month

Don’t forget that your ability to climax can vary according to the time of the month and at what stage of the menstrual cycle you are. It’s quite usual for women to orgasm easier midway through the cycle, while a lot of women feel more turned on just before their period.

8. Overlook Your Orgasm: Ah the much sought after orgasm – a source of angst for so many men and women out there. Sometimes orgasms just don’t happen and that’s perfectly fine. When you get into bed instead of worrying about reaching the big O just relax, take the pressure off and enjoy the experience. If it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t then that’s okay too. Enjoy the ride (!) and don’t place so much emphasis on the final destination.

Ageing well

If you ever stress out about getting older on your birthday, then stop. It has been shown that the ability to have multiple orgasms seems to increase with age. Winning.

The Big O  Research shows that 46 per cent of headache sufferers said sex had triggered a headache. Usually, this is an overexertion headache (like joggers and weight¬lifters sometimes get); you may feel a dull pain that builds during foreplay or get a sudden headache around orgasm (more likely in men). In rare cases, such an intense headache could be caused by a tumor or aneurysm. For most folks, though, sex headaches are harmless.

If you have any problems achieving orgasm, make an appointment with your GP and they will be able to advise you. You can read more about the formula for a perfect orgasm here.