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07th Mar 2024

Should we shower in the morning or at night?

Anna Martin


It’s a question as old as time itself, should we shower in the morning or at night?

Some people find their morning wash to be the best way to kick start their day while others would rather have those extra few minutes in bed.

If we were to ask what science says about this classic debate what would the conclusion be?

Well the problem is, there’s no exact answer as there are benefits to both habits according to dermatologist Alok Vij, MD of the Cleveland Clinic.

So what exactly are they? We’ll have a look, shall we?

Showering in the morning

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If you’re a morning shower kinda person it doesn’t seem like you’ll need to try switching up your whole routine anytime soon as the benefits include:

  • Cleanses you: Though you might not want to hear it, your bed covers hold onto any residual sweat, dead skin and bacteria you bring in when cosying up for the night so it makes sense to wash it all off before you put on a fresh set of clothes.
  • Preps your skin: If you plan on doing a skincare routine after your wash Dr Vij says a morning shower is a good way to get prepared. “It helps to make sure that you have all of your makeup off from yesterday before you start putting on your toners or your sunscreen for the new day,” he explained.
  • Wakes you up: If there’s one thing a good morning shower can do it’s help to wake you up and feel alert for the day ahead.
  • Reduces bedhead: Your hair and scalp produce oil throughout the day, and when you lay your head on your pillow of course it can transfer here. This can weigh your head down making it harder to style for the day ahead so a quick wash can freshen it up.

Showering at night

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  • Removes grime and dirt: “A shower helps to wash off all the grit and grime, environmental toxins and pollutants that might negatively impact your skin,” the dermatologist explained. It makes sense when you think of how many times you’ve gotten in from work and said to yourself, “I’m dying for a shower.”
  • Helps you sleep: It can just help you wind down and get your brain into a calm space for a good night’s sleep.
  • Removes residual skin care products: In addition to removing any grime and dirt from your body, showering at night helps to remove skin care products such as sunscreen that you’ve applied throughout the day.
  • It can help eczema: “For people with eczema or sensitive skin, it’s recommended that you apply your daily moisturizers and any topical prescription or over-the-counter products twice a day,” clarifies the doctor. “And it’s not necessarily better to shower at night or morning, as long as you’re using gentle cleansers, moisturizers and prescription products as recommended.”