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27th Feb 2021

REVIEW: Spotlight’s sonic toothbrush is a serious game changer

I have a rocky relationship with my oral health.

I brush twice a day, I use mouthwash, I floss probably significantly less than I should but hey, nobody’s perfect.

Despite this, a recently overcome fear of the dentist and a tendency to consume as much tea as possible on any given day means that my teeth have been missing out on some real good, deep, cleanin’.

So when Spotlight reached out and asked if I wanted to give their new limited edition rose gold Sonic Toothbrush a go, I simply had to say yes. It’s rose gold, after all.

Spotlight’s Rose Gold Sonic Toothbrush (other Spotlight Sonic Toothbrushes are available) comes with a long-lasting battery (mine has yet to run out of juice and I’ve been using it for a month), a travel case, a charging stand, and three toothbrush heads.

As a self confessed serial cheap toothbrush user, the prospect of a sonic toothbrush could have seemed overwhelming. It could have been seen as necessary. I could have deemed my poor teeth unworthy of its speed, agility, and cleaning ability.

Alas, all teeth deserve good things – even mine. They’ve been adequately cleaned for near to 30 years but should have probably (definitely) endured the aesthetic pain of braces at some point during their teenage years. If they were never going to be completely straight, they could at least be the cleanest they’ve ever been.

Spotlight’s Sonic Toothbrushes have three settings: sensitive, clean, and white. The ‘sensitive’ setting is for those looking for a gentle clean, the second is a regular clean, and the ‘white’ setting is for intense surface stain removal.

Having never ventured beyond my €3 plastic manual toothbrush (and more recently, my €3 bamboo manual toothbrush), I began my first clean with my sonic toothbrush with slight trepidation. What would it feel like? Was I doing it right? Could I go hell for leather and go straight onto the ‘white’ setting the first time I tried?

It turns out, no. The ‘white’ function is fast. Like, really fast. Like, 48,000 reps per minute, if that means anything to you. It didn’t to me, but now it does. It means terror, and I have yet to venture there. But I will… some day.

Right now, I’m enjoying a standard alternation between ‘sensitive’ and ‘clean.’ You see, a week or so after receiving my Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush, I had three wisdom teeth removed. Barely able to move my jaw without inciting some sort of pain, a gentler brush has been my brush of choice.

And yet, despite opting for the so-called weakest of the settings, I’ve still been getting the best clean of my life. Spotlight’s Sonic Toothbrush comes with a built-in two minute timer, so you know you’re brushing your teeth for the recommended time, every time.

What’s more is the toothbrush will stop brushing for a micro-second every 30 seconds, letting you know when it’s time to move into the next section of your mouth, ensuring every corner gets an even, deep clean.

The first time I used the sonic toothbrush reminded me of my first dental hygiene visit. I left feeling an intense clean that I had never experienced before. Running my tongue over my teeth for the 87th time that day, I vowed to go for a proper professional clean at least once a year.

Now I still want to, but I’m no longer craving that intense clean feeling – I’m pretty much getting it every morning and night. According to the product’s description, the sonic toothbrush delivers toothpaste and oxygen to the mouth’s most hard-to-reach areas, and it shows.

Despite the deep clean, the sonic technology allows for a gentle brush, so no bleeding gums or sore teeth. Before switching to a soft bamboo toothbrush, I had a notorious tendency to brush my teeth within an inch of their lives, before desperately wondering why I was spitting red so often.

And although I was slightly worried a sonic toothbrush would be too much for me, there’s been nothing of the like since I started using one. It’s been only good results, and I’d honestly find it difficult to ever go back.

Spotlight’s limited edition rose gold Sonic Toothbrush is available to buy now for €110. 

This product was gifted to the writer in exchange for a fair and honest review.