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28th Dec 2015

New Year, New You Hobbies To Take Up For 2016

If you need us, we’re checking our zen…


It’s easy to write a resolutions list as long as your arm, but how many do you actually plan on sticking to?

We’re betting that sky-dive or weight loss mission to shift 50 pounds might fall a little short of expectations, so we’ve pulled together some hobbies that could set you up for a more content, overall happier you in 2016.

If you need us, we’re checking our zen…

Get Into The Zone

Meditation has long been praised for its stress-busting skills. From your strained bank account and financial pressures, to your new plan to earn that promotion this year, be sure to set yourself up on the right foot for success. Download an app for some guidelines, or simply get up 10 mins earlier each morning and while still lying in your bed, concentrate on slowing down your breathing.

Breathing in slowly, exhaling slowly and leaving your chest to rest, then repeat. Keep up the routine for ten minutes with no technology or interruptions into your head space.

Those 10 minutes will set you up with a clear head and a calm mind – ready to tackle anything that comes your way that day!

Stress Issue: Headaches Stress-induced fluctuations in neurotransmitters can activate pain pathways in the brain, leading to headaches. Try and relax consciously for 10 minutes a day, like deep breathing or meditation. This can ease the muscle tension that can trigger a headache. Sit in a quiet place. Take a deep breath, let it fill your abdomen, hold it for 5 seconds and exhale.

Rhythm Is A Dancer

Whether it’s strictly ballroom, or a flair for hip-hop, dancing is a great cardio workout that can tone and strengthen your muscles. With loads of gyms offering introduction dance classes as part of their weekly schedule, pop along to see what style or skills suit you best, and book into a class for an hour a week.

Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing) We need someone to hit the dance floor with and we can't think of anyone more fitting than Swayze.

Research proves that as well as the health benefits of exercise, women are more responsive to work and emotional issues when they have an outlet or ‘me-time’ for an hour twice a week.

Get Tongue Tied

Rusty Irish or fancy picking back up your Leaving Cert French?

Learning a language is not only a great addition to your CV, but can be a fun way to make new friends while embracing an exciting culture. If it happens to involve booking trips and sampling food from that country, well we won’t complain.

Run Rings Around It

This is the year you conquer a 5k! Whether it’s downloading an app, or just bracing yourself to run out in the cold, pulling on the runners and walking out the front door is the hardest step. Remember to build yourself up slowly and enlist the company and help of a friend to give you a competitive push!

woman running

Book Yourself In For Some Downtime

Whether it was a pile of books, or a shiny new kindle or ipad, the chances are you might have been telling yourself you need to read more. Why not enlist the girls for a new book club. It might not sound like your cup of tea, so why not do it with wine, a designated night once a month and save yourself some pennies?

Need some inspiration? The ladies host their very own book club. Check out some of our older sessions here and here.

Root out the schoolbag

January is a time of change, and if you’re feeling like you need a new challenge or to start reaching for your dream job, why not look online for a course to help you upskill? Most colleges offer weekend, part-time and diploma courses in a range of subjects, and are willing to sit down and work out a finance plan that won’t cripple your bank account until you make your millions.

Alternatively, why not start tracking your current position and see where you can make positive changes to take the next step up the career ladder? There’s nothing saying you can’t learn a lot from hands-on experience!

Make It A Date

In the hype of a New Year and all those travel plans and new hobbies, it can be easy to forget that sometimes you just need to appreciate the simpler things in life.

Whether it’s a walk with your family, or a weekly skype session date with your sister off in some far-slung corner of the world, take the time to reconnect with your family.

It’s not such a hobby, but a chance to start a new tradition. One that can beat the health or financial benefits than any other list might suggest.

Just please don’t turn into The Brady Bunch…