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16th Dec 2017

Woman’s photo of herself in adult nappy shows postpartum reality

'Adult nappies for the win.'

Sarah Turner is a mum from Devon.

She recently gave birth to her third baby, Wilf and, after doing so, decided to share the reality of her postpartum body to the world.

Sarah is a blogger who runs popular parenting Facebook page, The Unmumsy Mum.

Over time, she has amassed over 600,000 likes on the social media site… and it’s probably not unfair to say that she gained a lot more followers after sharing one of her latest pictures.

The mum posted a snap of herself soon after giving birth to Wilf.

In the photo, she is posing in an adult nappy with her breasts in her hands as she exhibits the reality of what many women must do after having a baby.

In the post, she wrote:

“I realised it’s less flesh than it would be if I shared my ‘bikini body’ and represents the postpartum reality so well – I was absolutely euphoric at this point, despite walking like John Wayne and wearing an adult nappy.

“I cannot tell you how much we were laughing by this stage either.”

Sarah also included a shot of herself and Wilf soon after the waterbirth.

She also included the hashtag ‘adultnappiesforthewin’ because why not?

Sarah’s post has already garnered over 35,000 likes with people saying that the photo reminded them of when they gave birth.

“Ahh god that pic of you in the nappy brings it back! Haha totally remember that feeling of my first walk to the bathroom after the epidural wore off and my jelly belly swinging,” said one person.

“It’s so weird the first few hours after having a baby… I felt like a jelly baby lol,” said another.