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18th Jan 2022

Lynsey Bennett marks 5 years since cancer diagnosis

Sarah McKenna Barry

“I shouldn’t be alive let alone as mobile as I am.”

Lynsey Bennett, who was one of the many women who were impacted by the CervicalCheck cancer scandal, is reflecting on the five years since her initial diagnosis.

Taking to Instagram, Bennett posted pictures of herself throughout the past five years and also shared that she is currently undergoing treatment for bowel cancer in Germany.

She wrote that today marks five years since she was initially diagnosed and told that she would need a radical hysterectomy

She said: “Looking back over these old pictures of only a month before I was told and it really makes you think what does someone with cancer look like? You really can’t judge a book by its cover. You also can’t compare one cancer patient to the next.”

Lynsey went on: “Personally I knew when I looked in the mirror that there was no spark in my eyes anymore. I had to nap before I could even go out, I use to cry walking up stairs, my patience was short, I was snappy, I knew my head and my body were both falling apart. But I couldn’t understand why.”

Lynsey then reflected on how she is doing well, despite her prognosis.

“Even now, I know people say how great I look, I love to hear it, because it gives me hope that all the hard work and sacrifice I do to try maintain the way I am…14 months ago I was given 6-8 months… I shouldn’t be alive let alone as mobile as I am.”

Lynsey then shared that things are still “tricky”, and spoke about her tumours as well as her low weight, which is likely to be a signal that the cancer in her bowels is “causing trouble”.

She concluded by speaking about her time in Germany.

“I am even more in love with clinic in Germany,” she wrote. “Finally got invoice last week and cost of my personal treatment plan after talking with their doctor on zoom… and it is half the price of what I thought it was going to be.”

Lynsey then said that she hopes to be able to return to Mexico if she is stable enough.