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12th Sep 2017

How to stop your winter cold in its tracks

You'll be unbeatable.


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In the balancing act that is our busy life, winter can bring with it added pressures. Extra money is spent on groceries and yummy carbs to keep us warm, the heating bills are once again through the roof and of course, we try our best to steer clear of the wretched flu or cold.

There are however some easy-peasy ways to keep those sniffles at bay with minimal time or effort…AND, you’ll be much better prepared for the chilly winter ahead.

You can never have too many veggies

Ah you probably can, but good luck trying. Vegetables are so key for boosting our immune systems and they play an integral part in keeping us healthy so it’s a marvellous idea to make every meal one that includes veggies. Think soups, stews, and warm vegetable pies.

Lots of Snoozing

Nothing is more refreshing than a good night’s rest. Yes, we’re incredibly deprived of this so please excuse the very obvious recommendation, but its hugely important. Sleep is crucial for muscle and tissue repair, brain development, hormones levels and of course the amount of sleep we’ve had decides how we will perform throughout the next day. Get that shut eye people!

Exercise will help with the above

Exercise is a marvellous weapon. Yes, it’s great for you too but if we tire ourselves out physically through sport and activity there’s a pretty great chance settling down at night will become a whole lot easier. Exercise also boots our energy levels for the day and yes – our immune system. Although when we have blocked up sinuses this is the LAST thing we’d feel like doing, even gentle exercise can work wonders.

Rest & Relaxation

Today’s world is hectic to say the least. We have a lot to deal with between trying to take care of ourselves, our friends and work. Gentle yoga has huge potential for reducing life’s stressors. It’s amazing how stretching our muscles slowly while concentrating on each movement has the power to give us so much energy and peace of mind. Or why not treat yourself to a massage? Too much stress can weaken our immune systems, so take time out of your day that’s just for you.

Woolly Bully

In the height of winter those extra layers are simply so key. You’ll be glad you kept in the heat when you’re the only one steering clear of the sore throat and sniffles. On a side note, isn’t it so much easier to be stylish in winter?

Vitamin D

Has anyone who complains of Irish weather ever looked at where we are on the globe? It’s a miracle we aren’t covered in ice (kudos to the North Atlantic Drift). Although we’re quite a pasty bunch, it’s still very possible to be low in vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and protection against multiple diseases. So, get popping those vitamin D supplements or introduce more foods like porridge oats, spinach, kale or eggs into your diet.

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