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03rd Apr 2018

Fitty fabulous: 3 core exercises that promise a strong tum!

Brought to you by SPAR Better Choices.

It can be the most frustrating thing – trying to beat that last incy-wincy bit of belly bulge in an attempt to tone up and look trim.

So, this week, as part of our In Training with Vogue series, we wanted to focus on something that would at long last burn that pesky belly fat and also strengthen our posterior core*.

We teamed up with Jenni Murphy – world champion body builder, coach and one of the country’s favourite Instagramers (really, you should take a peek). While Jenni and Vogue might make these workouts look easy-peasy, it’s mainly because their form is on point, Jenni is a pro at each and every move and of course both are the perfect evidence that practise really does make perfect.

So to build up our core – which is essential for having other muscles work in harmony, strengthening our lower back, pelvis and hips – Jenni showed off three muscle exercises in particular, which we can easily incorporate into our own regime. Just remember, pain is temporary, you CAN in fact do it, you’ll feel super vibrant afterwards. When these exercises and more become part of your lifestyle, you’ll mosey about with a new found energy – the type only fitty fanatics seem to have ALL of the time. And yes, no doubt you’ll look beach-ready too.

So let’s get that tum toned. Hop onto our Her Instagram and take a screen grab – you’ll have the exercises on your phone, ready to go at any time and any place.

  • Fit ball climbers and rotations (3 on each side)
  • Core rows (10)
  • TRX body saw (10 – 15)

Brought to you by SPAR Better Choices.

*This exercise may not be suitable for pregnant women.