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17th Jan 2017

Experts have predicted a new plastic surgery trend for 2017 that’s a bit mad

This is a bit extreme.

Laura Holland

This is a bit extreme.

We’ve all heard of breast augmentations to either increase or decrease the size of someone’s breasts. Sometimes it’s for medical reasons and other times it’s for vanity.

But this new trend for plastic surgery on the breasts is a bit mad. It’s got nothing to do with changing their size, it’s all about the nipple.

The Plastic Surgery Group have predicted a new trend for 2017 that will see people changing the way their nipples look.

According to Cosmopolitan, the group have said that there has been a massive increase in requests for nipples to be made smaller and that the smaller the nipple, the more “attractive” it is.

They’ve said:

“We have seen a 30% rise in women requesting a smaller nipple size in the last year.

We found that patients with smaller-sized nipples rated [higher] in attractiveness than those with larger nipples.”