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13th May 2018

Conor McGregor pays incredibly moving tribute to the inspirational Ian O’Connell

Such an inspiring young man.

Paul Moore

“You are a true inspiration to us… If you can’t stand up, stand out.”

Since Ian O’Connell’s appearance on the most recent episode of the Late Late Show, this phrase has inspired every single person that heard it because as reported previously, Ian’s remarkable strength, bravery and attitude since being paralysed from the neck down is an example to everyone.

If you’re not familiar with Ian’s story, he it is – in his own words.

When he was just 16-year-old, Ian became paralysed from the neck down after falling off his bike at Killarney National Park.

After hitting his bike against a log, Ian tumbled over the handlebars and fell.

“The minute I hit the ground, I just heard a crack in my neck and lost all feeling. I didn’t know my body was there,” he said.

After enduring such a horrific accident, Ian’s bravery, strength and positivity is truly remarkable.

He adds: “I said to myself ‘Ian, there’s not much you can do here. Crying isn’t going to make me stand up and run around the place again.’ I always say to myself if you can’t stand up, stand out.”

One of the many people that were inspired by Ian’s attitude was Conor McGregor and the UFC star shared this emotional tribute via Instagram.

Here’s what he said: “Watching the Late Late show last night and on comes this young man @ianoconnell321!  I was blown away by him and his attitude to life and in facing adversity!  Truly blown away!”

McGregor adds: “Then tonight, by complete chance, I bumped into him at an event and end up getting to watch the main event fight ringside with him!  What a night! Thank you Ian it was great to meet you my brother, you are some man!  Your quote literally blew me away! “If you can’t stand up, STAND OUT!” What a legend!”

The Notorious concludes his tribute by saying:  “I think I speak for every Irish man and woman that watched you on the Late Late show last night by saying you are a true inspiration to us!  Thank you brother.”

Never a truer word spoken.

Clip and Main image via – The Late Late Show and Instagram