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23rd Dec 2018

Study finds that if you’re short, it’s harder for you to lose weight

Olivia Hayes

Not to happy about this now.

Mainly because I haven’t grown upwards since I was 12 and stand tall at about 5 feet at the age of 24.

Yes, I’ve had to get over my height and could not give a sh*t about it now, however recent research suggests that it’s harder for shorter people to lose weight… and yep. Not great.

Craig Primack MD, president-elect of the Obesity Medicine Association told Cosmo that us shorties have a slower metabolism, and it takes us longer to shed the pounds.

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“The average woman has a basal metabolic rate (BMR) of 1,400 calories per day. That means, if she lays in bed for 24 hours, she will burn 1,400 calories. But I see women who are shorter than 5 feet with BMRs of 1,200 calories, and some who are 5’10” or so at 1,750 or more per day.”

So, basically, the shorter you are the less lean mass (muscle, bones, organs) you have, which is one of the main factors to losing weight.

From that, the PLOS ONE research paper found that the size of people’s organs accounts for their basal metabolic rates.

And because shorter people have smaller organs, they don’t need to burn as much energy to use them, therefore, we just don’t burn as much overall.

What better way to perk yourself up to go to the gym, huh?