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05th Oct 2018

75pc of you want to put off having kids until THIS age: It’s the Her Fertility Poll

Have you ever looked into your own fertility?

Anna O'Rourke


The vast majority of Her readers do want to have children – but most of them are prepared to wait to start their family.

In a survey, just under 87 per cent of you told us that you’d like to be a parent some day.

Most of you aren’t in a hurry to have kids, though. Three quarters of you want to wait until you’re in your 30s before starting a family

Kicking off Fertility Month, we wanted to get our readers’ thoughts on everything got to do with having babies.

We asked and you answered – several thousand of you responded to our polls on Instagram and the results are now in.

Almost a third of you (66 per cent) reckon that there’s a stigma around having kids in your early 20s.

If you feel under pressure to have kids, you’re not alone. Four in five respondents said that there is pressure on women to be mums.

When it comes to infertility, we’re pretty divided on how we see it.

Just over half (52 per cent) of you think it’s a taboo topic, yet 64 per cent of you said you or someone you know has experienced fertility problems.

It looks like some of us still have a lot to learn on the topic – only 41 per cent of respondents were aware of the things that can affect a woman’s fertility while 66 per cent said they didn’t know how much fertility treatments can cost.

You can see all the results in full below.

Do you want to have children at some stage?

Yes – 87 per cent / No – 13 per cent

Would you/have you put off becoming a parent until your 30s?

Yes – 75 per cent / No – 25 per cent

Is there a stigma around people having children in their early 20s?

Yes – 66 per cent / No – 34 per cent

Do you think there’s pressure on women to have children?

Yes – 80 per cent / No – 20 per cent

Have you ever looked into your own fertility?

Yes – 16 per cent / No – 84 per cent

Have you ever considered freezing your eggs?

Yes – 28 per cent / No – 72 per cent

Have you or anyone you know experienced fertility problems?

Yes – 64 per cent / No – 36 per cent

If necessary, would you consider undergoing a fertility treatment?

Yes – 83 per cent / No 17 per cent

Do you know how much fertility treatments cost?

Yes – 34 per cent / No – 66 per cent

Do you think infertility is a taboo topic?

Yes – 52 per cent / No – 48 per cent

Are you aware of the things that can affect your fertility?

Yes – 41 per cent / No – 59 per cent

Do you think infertility is mainly a woman’s problem?

Yes – 31 per cent / No – 69 per cent

This October is Fertility Month on Her, when we’ll be talking all things reproductive health and having babies. 

You can check out all of our Fertility Month articles here.

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