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27th Feb 2019

3 things every pro knows about reaching fitness goals SO much sooner

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Active Iron. 

Sometimes the thought of working out is actually far worse than the act itself.

Nonetheless, when we’re on a mission to feel great, get toned and lose the excess weight it can take a whole lot more energy from our bodies than we’d like.

Our bodies are perfectly made for moving nearly ALL of the time so if we’re feeling fatigued, we might be missing something. Here are three tips that’ll hopefully help:

1. Think of Yourself as Iron Woman

Not just in the sense of how strong you can be with a lot of hard work, but also in terms of your body’s need for iron itself.

Everyone goes MAD for protein and yes – it’s important for a whole host of things. But iron gets forgotten about yet, it’s SO important, especially for us gals who lose a good bit each month.

Iron helps break down carbs which are responsible for providing our brain and our body with food in the form of glucose. Iron also helps make oxygenated red blood cells which are then transported around the body. This is why, with a lack of these blood cells, people feel fatigued and in turn – so do their muscles.

Of course we can get iron from our food, but if you’re working out a lot and want to give your body a little extra help, consider opting for an iron supplement. Active Iron is easy on the stomach (an issue that arises for many) and it’s easily absorbed.

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Active Iron targets the body’s ‘iron absorber’ (or DMT-1) and is clinically proven to give better iron absorption than the market leading iron sulfate.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Fat

Good fat that is.

Think nuts, seeds, avocados, fish (omega-3) and plant-based oils (omega-6). They’re essential for our overall health and are very important for the brain.

With exercise though, try and get in these fats after exercise.

The digestive system uses a good bit of energy to break these down and so if you’re eating fats right before exercise, your body will want to use energy in your digestive system – not your muscles.

3. Carbs Are Fuel

We NEED carbohydrates. End of story.

It’s similar to how we put petrol/diesel into a car to make it go. Carbohydrates are what we need to put into our own body to make that engine fire.

Starches, sugars and fibres make up carbs. Complex carbs like beans, peas, wholegrains, barley, potatoes, plus fruit and veggies are amazing for our body (not simple carbs, like white bread).

Eating the right amount supplies our body with glucose needed for just about every bodily function you can think of. Being low in glucose can make us feel very tired and even lightheaded.

If we don’t get enough – it means our body will begin using proteins (which will no longer be able to support our muscles) and fats in a bid to keep everything going. It’s not an ideal scenario for anyone but especially not if you’re trying to work out more.

And finally – don’t forget to never give up on getting where you want to be with your fitness. Health is key, and getting fit is a sure way to get there. Keep pushing!

Brought to you by Active Iron

Active Iron is formulated by scientists to help reduce gut irritation from iron. Kind on an empty stomach and strong enough to give you twice the absorption of iron sulfate.*

*Wang et al, Acta Haematologica 2017; 138: 223-232.

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