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15th Jul 2023

White chocolate flavoured McVities are making a comeback

McVities has announced the return of a white chocolate version of the much-loved Digestive biscuit.

Back in 2005, McVities took their classic milk chocolate Digestive and spruced it up, swapping the milk chocolate for white chocolate and giving biscuit lovers everywhere a fresh reason to rejoice.

And then, poof, they were gone. Fast-forward almost 20 years and McVities has pulled the white choc recipe off the bakery shelf once again and are set to relaunch the sweet treat into stores soon – this time, however, they’re a permanent addition.

@rubyrroo on Twitter was ahead of the curve with this 2019 request. And now their dream has come true!


Aslı Özen Turhan, chief marketing officer at Pladis UK&I, which owns McVities, told The Sun recently: “Our customers have been asking for white chocolate digestives for a while and we’re excited to finally bring them to the shelves.

“Knowing how much people love white chocolate and having new sweet treats to try, we couldn’t wait to make this highly anticipated addition to the digestives family.”

While, yes, we’re buzzed about the white choc biccies making their triumphant return, we still can’t help asking the question: Where, oh where, is the other white chocolate snack of dreams, the Flake Snow? Or the Cadbury Dream bar? Hand them over, you cowards. And don’t even get us STARTED on Mars Delights…