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17th May 2018

We can’t stop watching this video of cheesecake on a stick

Warning, this video may cause extreme happiness.

Denise Curtin

Cheat day anyone??

Facebook page Love Food, who are notoriously bold for putting up videos of mouthwatering desserts and sweet treats, especially when we are trying our very best to diet….. has done it again.

This time with a new twist. Cheesecake on a stick, a creation we never thought we needed until now.

No need for a fork, no mess, no problem. This delicious dessert comes dipped in chocolate, coated in biscuit shavings, drizzled in caramel and then once again covered in a thick chocolate fondant.

And it looks like people are as mesmerised by this invention as we are, with the video receiving over 300,000 views (mainly from us watching it on repeat) and plenty of thumbs up.

One follower said: “It’s things like this that makes me ruin my diet !! I give up, give me this cheesecake NOW.”

While another fan thought about a more tactical approach, “I could eat this while on the treadmill. It’s all about balance, right?”

We agree, now lets eat.

This is just too good!