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04th Feb 2023

Love Island’s Jay Younger says there’s a secret and endless supply of snacks in the villa

They eat after all.

After three weeks on our screens and eight series before it, the one burning question on everybody’s lips is when do they eat on Love Island.

It’s a very rare occasion that we see the islanders eating, other than a breakfast being made to make amends, a tiramisu to go exclusive with or the odd ice pop here and there, we don’t really see them snacking.

Previous contestants on the show have come out and said over the years that the reason we never see them eating is that they go for a huge catered lunch and dinner, and aren’t allowed to discuss what is going on in the villa during meal times.

Ex-islander Zara McDermott told Cosmopolitan that during dinner was then their mic batteries get changed, so that would explain why we don’t see anything.

She also added that they didn’t have to cook their own food, there was a catering team hired for that and the food tasted “amazing”.

And Connagh from the winter series told Closer: “I suppose the only thing I thought was a bit weird was that at dinner time the boys and girls were separated.”

Explaining the meal times, it makes sense as to why we don’t see any of it, but recently fans began asking why we never even see the islanders snacking.

After he was dumped from the villa last year, Jay Younger spilled all and revealed to Digital Spy that there is an endless supply of snacks available.

He said: “I’m not sure if the viewers know that there is a big cupboard of food behind the kitchen. So, if you’re really hungry at night, all you need to do is knock on that door, ask for what you want and it’s given to you.”

Admitting it was like a tuck shop, he continued: “Literally, whatever food you want it’s on tap there.

“For me, it was chocolate rice cakes. I absolutely love them in the evenings, or bowls of cereal. There’s a big cupboard of food in there so if you want it, it’s right there.”

And according to Coco Lodge, the islanders weren’t shy of the snack cupboard as they loved some good “3am toasties every night.”

So there you have it, they’re just like the rest of us on a holiday sitting with our giant bag of Lays and Fanta Lemon, we just don’t see it.