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19th Aug 2022

Daiquiri, anyone? Ireland’s favourite cocktails have been revealed

So, daiquiri next time you’re out, anyone?

Ireland’s top cocktails have been revealed, and if you were expecting the classic espresso martini to reign supreme, you would in fact be wrong.

While most of us seem to be ordering pornstars and espressos on nights out these days, it seems as though the nation’s favourite drink is a bit more classic.

The humble strawberry daiquiri has nabbed the top spot on the list of Ireland’s favourite cocktails, according to a survey carried out by cocktail mix brand, Master of Mixes.

What’s more surprising is that the pornstar martini actually landed in last place, as the nation’s least favourite cocktail. We’ll believe it when we don’t see gangs of gals ordering them in the bar on the weekend.

The mojito was voted the number one cocktail amongst the people of Limerick with a considerable 46% of the vote, also remaining victorious in Galway with 41%.

Kilkenny’s favourite cocktail was the aforementioned pornstar martini. It may have been abandoned by the rest of the country, but hey, at least it’s getting the respect it deserves in the Marble City.

But where the good people of Ireland disagreed on what drink they liked they most, they managed to agree on who they’d like to go for a cocktail with – none other than the icon that is Michael D Higgins.

Just picture the scene – you there in Áras an Uachtaráin, glass in hand, chatting away as if you’ve known each other your entire lives. No better vibe could ever be achieved.

Thankfully, not all cocktails in this world must be attained outside the comfort of your own home for an extortionate amount of money. Master of Mixes sell their own cocktail mix for just €9 in shops across the country. Flavours include strawberry daiquiri, mojito, and passionfruit.