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19th Dec 2022

Toast 2023 with these drinks cabinet showstoppers

Brought to you by Lidl

T’is the season.

The ideal scenario: going all out and decorating your home Great Gatsby-style for a New Year’s Eve party. The reality: getting home late because of the traffic in town or simply losing the motivation in the post-Christmas slump to do anything that requires a lot of effort because of an overwhelming desire to just curl up in front of the TV in your pyjamas a little while longer before the guests arrive.

When that happens, Lidl has you covered. People don’t really care about the decorations or any other faff. They want to crack open a bottle of bubbles and get on with the celebrations. And you’ll find plenty of low-cost, high-quality options to choose from in Lidl that, along with a bit of imagination, can be worked into little showstoppers. 

Who needs fancy decorations when you’ve got a Prosecco Tower or a Gingerbread Gin cocktail to offer guests? Certainly not you. This year’s festive mantra is Christmas without compromise, and despite * gestures broadly at everything that’s going on in the world * we’re going to celebrate the end of 2022 and look ahead to a brighter and better 2023.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Prosecco Tower 

You’ll need coupe glasses for this move to run successfully. The glasses have to be identical. If you don’t have any at home, you can pick up plastic versions in the supermarket. 

The easiest and most foolproof way to attempt it is with four glasses. Carefully stack them on top of each other (any more than that and we’re veering into risky Jenga territory), pop open a bottle of Lidl Organic Prosecco and pour directly into the top glass and watch the liquid trickle down. 

If you have more guests and need additional glasses, you can arrange them into a pyramid shape, with one glass on top and four on the next level, and so on. But that’s a little riskier. 

Gingerbread Gin Cocktail

For a cocktail with a festive bite, try Lidl’s Hortus Gingerbread Gin (€14.99) with a dash of tonic and a cinnamon stick, or forgo the cinnamon and tonic and add a splash of ginger beer. 

Drink cabinet staples

Regardless of how you choose to impress this year, a drinks cabinet filled with versatile staples will take the hassle out of entertaining this year.

If you want to keep your gin cocktails classic, you can’t go wrong with Lidl’s award-winning Wild Burrow Irish Gin for just €22.99. 

Sherry became fashionable again this year ad you can get in on the trend with Lidl’s Sherry Cream €10.49.

Choose between Lidl’s Deluxe Negroni €12.99; Deluxe Espresso Martini €10.99 or Deluxe Triple Sec €12.99 (for your margaritas). Lidl also has a range of gift sets, including Dundalgan Irish Whiskey Gift Pack 5 x 50ml for just €19.99.