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07th Jun 2019

This Dublin deli made the list of where to get the best sandwiches in Europe

Olivia Hayes

We love a sandwich.

And we don’t mean the ones you get out of the local Tesco that’s a bit soggy and wet and doesn’t taste all that great.

We’re talking about the ones made up of a gorge bread (heya, sourdough), and has an abundance of thoughtfully curated fillings.

Whether it’s a delicious pulled pork, a succulent salmon and cream cheese or a classic Croque Madame, you really can’t beat a well-put together sambo.

Travel company Big 7 Travel made a list of the best places in Europe to get a sandwich and a Dublin deli made it on there.

147 Deli in Dublin actually came in quite high on the list, taking the 12th spot out of 50.

Big 7 Travel describes it as: “147 Deli puts a huge emphasis on roasting their own meats and creating imaginative toppings that keep their customers coming back for the specials. Their sandwiches are packed full of flavour and big on portion size while still being perfectly formed and easy to eat. One worth travelling for.”

Here’s the top 20, and you can check out the top 50 here:

20. Bodega Montferry – Barcelona, Spain

19. Baltic Bakehouse – Liverpool, UK

18. Duck Soup – Athens, Greece

17. Chez Alain Miam Miam – Paris, France

16. Hungry Guy – Vienna, Austria

15. Coffee Club – Paris, France

14. Café Santiago – Porto, Portugal

13. The Real Meat Society – Prague, Czech Republic

12. 147 Deli – Dublin, Ireland

11. La Casa Tomada – Madrid, Spain

10. Max’s Sandwich Shop – London, UK

9. Toastable – Amsterdam, Netherlands

8. Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap – Berlin, Germany

7. Bors Gastro Bar – Budapest, Hungary

6. Bolero Meatballs – Madrid, Spain

5. Sandhäxan – Stockholm, Sweden

4. Northern Soul – Manchester, UK

3. Mastro Ciccio – Bari, Italy

2. The Dusty Knuckle – London, UK

1. Osteria All’antico Vinaio – Florence, Italy