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24th Apr 2019

Tesco is now selling vegan sausage rolls at the deli counters in stores


Good news for vegans.

If you find your choice of veggie hot food at a deli counter is limited to non-existent, then you’ll be thrilled to know Tesco is following in the footsteps of Greggs in the UK by adding a vegan sausage roll to its hot counter offerings.

The on-the-go snack which was reportedly made available from Easter Monday has launched at all delis in  Tesco stores throughout the UK for just 75p a pop.


Tesco’s vegan sausage will have no meat or dairy and a puff pastry filled that’s filled with a soy-based sausage seasoned with sage and onion.

The only downside is that there has been no announcement of these sausage rolls dropping in Ireland as of yet but, we’ve reached out to Tesco Ireland to see if we have any launch date (and will report back ASAP!).

For now, although not the same as picking up a hot snack on-the-go, Tesco Ireland sell a range of vegan and vegetarian sausages as well as meat-free chicken kievs and fishless fish cakes.

Give it all to us, please.