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15th Sep 2021

Want to bring a taste of France to your next night in? Lidl are running some incredible offers on their French range this week

Brought to you by Lidl

How delicious does this sound?

Planning your next evening in with the girls? Or maybe you want to bring some extra class to your next date night?

When it comes to the perfect evening at home, the right combination of delicious snacks and refreshing wine is the ultimate addition to any night in. No matter what the occasion, a delicious serve is always a good call and, if you’re looking to bring a taste of France to your next get-together, we’ve got just the thing…

Lidl are running their French Week at the moment until Wednesday 22 September, which includes amazing offers on all of their delicious French snacks and alcohol.

The high-quality range of sweet and savoury French cuisine is sure to go down a treat with your guests, while a sip of their wine collection is the ultimate way to toast the celebrations.

One of the highlights of Lidl’s French range is their Francois Dubessy Comte Tolosan Malbec, a delicious fruity flavoured wine which is 20% off for French Week. Tasty, dry and easy to drink, this French wine features cherry and blackplum undertones that pair perfectly with hard and soft cheeses.

From refreshing wines to delicious cheese and sweet treats, you can check out some of Lidl’s French range below.




Lidl’s French Week runs until Wednesday 22 September. You can find out more about their French range here.

Brought to you by Lidl