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04th Feb 2018

A Saved By The Bell diner exists and it’s as retro as you’d think

Olivia Hayes

When you wake up in the morning…

Saved By The Bell will always live on as one of our favourite TV shows.

The fabulously-90s outfits, the banter with Zack and Slater, and of course, the hangout which looked like the coolest place on Earth – The Max.

Well, you can now experience it for yourself (erm, if you can fly over to LA that is).

Yep, an exact replica of the diner opened up last year in Chicago, and after much appreciation from fans, it’s now on tour.

According to Delish, the pop-up will tour all around the US, delighting fans with its memorabilia and food.

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The menu is very on-theme with dishes such as Spano’s Seasonal Veggie pasta, the Bayside Burger, and Max’s Magical Sweet Tooth.

Unfortunately we have no idea if it’ll ever come to Ireland, but hopefully if it has major success in the US, it’ll fly over to our green shores (and we’d also like a little appearance from Zack, please).

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